10 Karat Weißgold Glücklicher Marienkäfer Damen Anhänger Price: 544,00 242,00 (as of 26/11/2019 06:13 PST- Details)


Weißgold Lucky Ladybug Pendant Necklace

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Necklace Pendant Measurements

Chain size 0.5 mm Pendant Height with Bail:1.05 (26.67 mm) Pendant Height without Bail: 0.86 (21.844 mm) Pendant :0.71 (18.034 mm) Pendant Depth:0.04 (1.016 mm)

Pendant Bail

Bail Fits u

to a 3 mm chain Bail Height: 0.28 (7.112 mm) Bail : 0.14 (3.556 mm) Bail Depth: 0.21 (5.334 mm) valign 496

Necklace Pendant Specifications

Finish: High Poliert sizes Bail Fits u

to a 3mm chain. Chain size 0.5 mm Metal: Solid Genuine Gold (in your choice of 10k or 14k)